A downloadable game

Hi! Thanks for checking out my game, This is the first game i have created!

The game was entirely created by me using some textures,models,and music from many sources.


This game is a "Chase" style horror game where you need to escape from the hotel having no clue what haunts the place. Not much but i don't want to spoil anything! I hope you guys can purchase the game and support my dream of creating games. You don't need to pay more then 5$ but it very very appreciated if you do! Please share the game around so we can get it up on steam!


The game is now in early development. There is no trailers yet for the game as it is in 4 weeks of development. The Alpha ETA 9/4/15 = 9/10/15,

But there will be a full release some time this year

=============DLC and future===============

Dlc will be free for this game! i wont to change the game into a huge inde game the best i can! But this is my first game so im learning on the way